About the Volunteer Program

Why does MAGRR need volunteers?
Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We have no paid staff and rely completely on volunteers to contribute toward our cause. Without volunteers, we do not exist! Volunteers have the opportunity to contribute toward their area(s) of interest. We have several established departments that can be chosen from. If you have any questions about volunteering with us, please contact volunteer@magrr.org.

  • Adoptions:
    Our adoption team manages, handles, and assists the placement of dogs in the organization. This area requires excellent social skills as volunteers are expected to call and consult with prospective adopters.
  • Fostering:
    Our foster team (also known as the “Angel Corps“) coordinates the placement of dogs in foster care while they are waiting for adoption. They also coordinate between the Veterinary Coordinator and the Adoption Coordinator about new updates. This department greatly needs volunteers to foster awaiting Golden Retrievers. Please click here for more information on this program.

  • Intake
    The intake team decides which dogs can come into the MAGRR program and also coordinates getting them to our clinic for medical care. Volunteers are needed to help transport goldens to our clinic once they have been accepted into the program.  This can be local metro transport or helping transport from outlying areas.  Now that our clinic is open on Saturday and Sunday, this can be accomplished on weekends.  
  • Transportation
    Many times volunteers are needed to pick up a dog and deliver them to our clinic in Collierville.  Our Intake Team arranges for dogs to be accepted into our program and then arrangements must made to get them in for medical examination and processing.  This could mean picking up at a shelter or an owner’s home or it could mean meeting someone to get a dog from outlying areas such as Mississippi, Western Tennessee or Arkansas.  Most of these longer transports are done on the week ends.
  • Telephone Calls
    We need members to make calls to prospective adopters once they have submitted an application and the vet reference has been completed.  This is an introduction call to let them know a little about our process and for us to determine if they are a candidate for adoption.  Scripts are provided.
  • Home Visits 
    Each applicant in visited by one of our home visit team members.  One of the visitors personal dogs is taken on the visit.  This is to determine if a golden is right for this particular family and to actually see where one of our goldens might be living.  These are done in both the Mid-South and the Northeast.  Script and directions are provided.

Fill out an Application

Do you have talents you can contribute to MAGRR? Please fill out this quick questionnaire so we can better understand your interests and ultimately help you to find your “niche” in our organization. At this time, we are recruiting new volunteers and we need your help!

We are in the process planning a volunteer fair and meet and greet within the next month or two. Please stay tuned for additional information about this event. We plan to try to communicate as much as possible via email, because it keeps our hardworking volunteers from having to take extra time to make phone calls. We can’t stress enough, please make sure you type the correct email address when filling out this form.

Experiencing issues with this application? We are here to help! Contact helpdesk@magrr.org for assistance.