MAGRR may provide links to external sites that it feels may contain information relevant to its audience members. It excludes all liability in regard to external organizations, views or the validity of external content.

Linking to the MAGRR website does not require written approval. Members are encouraged to share links they feel targets MAGRR’s audience.

Media and Published Material

Considering all materials published by MAGRR are protected by copyright, entities are required to seek approval for any original content he or she wishes to use. Any media, including but not limited to photographs, videos, sound bites, documents or similar items that is not original to the organization will bear copyright information and/or approval of use from the original publisher.

Unauthorized use of the Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue name, acronym and/or logo is strictly prohibited. Requests for use must be submitted to and approved by the communications director.

Privacy Rights

This statement has been developed to reaffirm MAGRR’s commitment to its visitors’ privacy. MAGRR does not collect personally identifying information about its visitors, unless they voluntarily choose to provide such information. This policy shall serve as a guide to how visitor information is handled during visits to the organization’s website.

Reading or Downloading

The following information is collected and stored about visitors: the name of the domain from which the server is accessed, the time stamp, the IP address of the visitor and the address of the linked site. This information is collected to measure the number of visitors to the various sections of the site and to aid in making channels more useful to visitors.


Sending electronic mail messages and filling out online forms are examples of personally identifying information. Personally identifying information is primarily used to respond to individual requests. Emails may be forwarded to other internal personnel who are better able to answer certain questions.

Emails sent from MAGRR’s verified domain name do not necessarily represent the overall opinions of the entire organization but rather may be the opinions of the said sender.

Email Blasts

Visitors who sign up for an email list will only be sent information for which they have requested. Names and email addresses collected from these systems shall remain private and will not be shared with any external parties. Per the CAN-SPAM act, subscribers have the option to unsubscribe from mass mailing lists. More enhanced features, including analytics, are used to collect information about subscribers, which may include location and time stamps. Visitors cannot remove themselves from the organization’s database, but they can prevent unwanted communication.

Copyright Information

All original content, including but not limited to photographs, videos, documents, sound bites, text, etc. is the property of Memphis Area Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. and may not be duplicated in any manner without the prior written consent of MAGRR’s Communications Department.

All matters regarding this privacy policy should be directed to the Communications Department.