Sweet as Sugar

Sugar came onto MAGRR’s radar when she was found living at the Pine Bluff, AR, airport.   The people who worked there recognized that she was a special girl and had had a terrible time in her past life.  They didn’t want her to go to a shelter, so they contacted MAGRR.  She came into our program with medical issues which we did address and this girl got better.   She had 4 wonderful months with her foster family who had decided to adopt her.    She touched many of our hearts during the time that she was with us.

As with so many of our goldens, the dreaded cancer came to her suddenly and there was just nothing that could be done.  We are just grateful to the Pate family for loving this girl and truly giving her a family of her own to love.   She had her own bed and her own toys.  She was loved and that is the most important thing.

The MAGRR Board expresses sympathy and gratitude to the Pate family.  They were truly her angels.  We know that she is in a better place and will be waiting on her family, the Pates, at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in Peace sweet Sugar until we meet again!







My best friend spoke to me last night
a soft whisper in my ear.
I woke up and looked around the room,
I was startled, yet I had no fear.

My best friend said that all is fine
Rainbow Bridge is so much more.
That there was so much love up there,
even a beautiful ocean shore.

There are fields and fields of green green grass
and the sky has different shades of blue.
There are flowers, mountains, trees and clouds,
everything they said it was, is true.

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
saying “Please don’t cry or be sad.
That what was done, had to be done,
for me to live my life now, so be glad.”

My best friend said that I did the right thing
an unselfish act on my part.
And that the pain and sadness I feel
will be gone soon from my heart.

I asked my best friend, “How could this be
I miss you so much everyday.
That my heart hurts so much for you,
I wish there could of been another way.”

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
“You will always be in my heart.
Go on and live and love another,
because we will never really be apart.”

My best friend whispered in my ear last night
“It’s time for me to go towards the light.
I just wanted to stop and say to you
Go on my best friend, I’ll be alright.”

“I carry your unconditional love with me
I have done this from the very start.”
I whispered back to my best friend last night,
“I’ll always love you with all my heart.”

“So goodbye my best friend,” as I looked up at the sky
A shooting star I see in a straight line
Moving fast across the sky and out of sight,
I whispered, “Goodbye my best friend. Now, I’ll be fine.”

— Lanie Blackmon