You were our playful, funny bundle of joy
You were our constant companion –
A shadower of our steps,
A brightener of our days,
A follower when we whistled,
A snuggler when we opened our arms.

You gave exuberant, slurpy kisses,
And comfort when we were sad.
You were a constant source of joy
Which filled our days.

You drank deeply of our presence, and we rejoiced in yours.
We tried so hard to keep you from harm,
But could not banish the stalker which claimed you.
Your shadow grew darker, and your days less bright
So we gave you the last gift of our love – and we let you go.

Now, our hearts are broken,
Our home feels empty;
The light has dimmed,
And laughter put on the shelf.

Our precious Lulu – hold us in your heart,
As we do you in ours.
Until we meet again – At the Rainbow Bridge,
where we will once again rejoice in your presence – Forever.

Written especially for Lulu
by Bibba Holland




“We lost our precious Lulu today to cancer.  I think we were lucky enough to get her in 2010.  She was Stella with MAGRR.  We loved her so much. We are so very sad.  This was after her third surgery to remove tumor. It grew back in 3 months. We decided to not put her through that again.  She brought us such incredible joy the entire time we had her. She had such a funny playful personality. She was my dog.  [She] followed me everywhere. We feel so lucky to have had her.”   Love, from the Kiesewetter Family

So do not grieve for me, my friend,
as I am with my kind…
I nap the day on a snowy cloud
With gentle breezes rocking me
I dream the dreams of earthlings
And how it used to be.

Friends at MAGRR send condolences to the Kiesewetter family for their loss along with our gratitude for the love that they gave Lulu and many other MAGRR kids over the years.  We know how devastating the loss of a precious golden can be.  We know that they will see Lulu again and until then, rest in peace sweet girl.