Sweet Ellie came to us as foster and it wasn’t long before we knew we were destined to become foster failures.  She was the perfect “Old Gold” and it was clear to us that she loved her new people and Golden brother, Bosco, as much as we loved her.  She was so happy to have a nice, warm bed, snuggles and kisses.  Sadly, we learned that she had cancer and that her time with us could be short.  We were determined to give her the best final time of her life.  We were so blessed to have been able to love her even longer than we thought we would.  At the end, her body gave out, but her spirit never did.  We could tell that she wanted to stay and love us longer, but we knew we had to give her the ultimate gift and send her to Bridge so she would be pain free.  We love you, Ellie.  You will be in hearts forever.  Love, The Ogburn Family



“I am at peace because I know that you are in a much, much better place.  I know that as soon as you took your last breath here on Earth, God swept your beautiful, innocent soul from the ground and flew you to  Heaven.  I know you have gained your furry little wings which you so rightly deserve, and I am proud that I was able to know and love such an amazing little angel as you.

I can’t say that I know what Heaven above is like for you, but I hope that you are truly having the time of your life.  I hope that you are surrounded by perfectly green meadows filled with colorful flowers and blanketed by the bluest skies and the brightest rays of sunshine.  I hope that all of your pain and suffering has vanished, allowing you to be the young, energetic pup that you once were and have been longing to be for so long now.

Even though we are no longer physically together anymore, you will forever remain in my heart and soul.  You were a blessing sent from above, and now, God needs you back.  I will carry you with me everywhere I go until we meet again.  I love you, my guardian angel.”