Daisy-Dobson1We had Daisy with us for nine years.  I thank Lisa Hicks for fostering her.  I first met Daisy at a baby shower for Jennifer Kaneer Brown.  Daisy had obviously been abused and was scared of everybody and everything!  She ran from people and plastic bags and laundry baskets.  She would not look you in the eye.  I thought of calling her Ostrich because she would bury her head during storms and when frightened.

We brought Daisy over to meet our dog Honey, also a rescue.  They became fast friends and Honey taught Daisy how to be a dog.  Over time, we could bring a laundry basket in the same room with her.  She stopped running from the sound of plastic bags.  She loved to swim in our pool!  Storms, however, continued to be an issue.  Daisy loved her thundershirt but continued to bury her head under the pillows on our bed.  She was better than the weather channel at predicting storms.  She would crawl up in the middle of the bed, between the people and stick her head under the pillows and shake.

Eventually, she would not run from people and enjoyed being petted as she sat on her place on the couch.  It was her spot and no one (or dog) encroached.  She would greet special guests in our home.  Three years or so ago Honey went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Daisy was lonely and depressed.  She missed her friend, so Phyl took us to meet Brooklyn, now Samantha (Sam).  Sam is big and pushy and full of it but Daisy adapted and while Sam was somewhat oblivious to Daisy, Daisy needed Sam to follow behind.  Now Sam is the only dog and she misses Daisy.  We all miss Daisy.

This is what MAGRR is all about.  Giving love, affection, a good home and a wonderful life to a dog that would not otherwise have one.  I do still wonder, though, who rescued who because I got far more from Daisy than I ever gave.  Thank you MAGRR.
The Dobson Family





A “Golden” Good-Bye

I sit and try to write the word,
I want your heart to hear.
Hoping to find some comfort,
In the fact that you‘re not here.

I do believe with all my heart,
That your soul has gone to be,
With all the other angel dogs,
That you were meant to see.

We will have to stay behind,
Until God calls us too,
So do not be afraid,
That he’s only called for you.

The water is still,
In the pond that you played,
And your bed is so empty,
Where your pretty head laid.

Our bed is too empty,
Where you once laid between,
The two people who LOVED you
And now only dream,

Now you go and play,
And look down when you can,
Remembering we love you,
And this isn’t the end.

~~Exerts by Holly W. Gray