Ode from Code

You took me in and gave me life,
I never had it so good.
Your rescue work is never done
And that I understood.

I met my brothers, we found our place
And little sister too.
No one crossed the “Lil Bit” for
An ass-kickin’ she’d do!

Our meals were always in our bowls,
And always there on time.
I never had occasion to pout,
Nor any reason to whine.

I thought our home was Heaven,
And time, you freely gave.
You rescued me, and all you asked
Was that I chill and behave.

I adored you back and wanted to please
I tried my very best…
But alone it sat, the tamale rag
And indeed, I did ingest!

I loved our playground and the woods.
And the early walks were kicks!!
The four of us on tethered lines
To hands who loved our licks.

Open doors invited me
To wonders so divine,
For me to steal, and to chew,
Oh, Nothing was too fine!!

Your prayer request on Facebook—
It made for déjà vu.
Yes, I ate the stick, and
Again, to the vet we flew!

I don’t know why I did it.
It wasn’t even that good.
Not a tamale, or a treat,
Just a stick of wood!

I never meant to get so sick.
When I did, you were there,
To extend our time together and
Give me joy—enough to spare.

I was lucky then, I’m lucky now.
But I see your heart is broken.
Please don’t cry, I’m alright now.
I’ll come when my name is spoken.

Acupuncture was the BOMB!
I know it really works!
Every week it eased my pain,
And I know how your heart hurts.

I won’t be shedding ’round the house,
But loving friendship never ends.
By your side I’ll always be.
Forever we’ll be friends!!

I’ve met the others you have saved,
And yes, we all agree.
St. Francis blessed us with your home,
And forever family.

I’ll put in a good word for you!
To meet God, I’m in line!
Smile! You’ll feel me in your heart,
Or see me in your mind.

The Pope has said we’ll meet again.
And time, it will be lapsing.
Until that day, I’ll behave—
Don’t laugh! It could happen!!


Love From Cody—
As told to Mary Lu Duffy


We are grateful for the donations made by the following individuals in memory of Cody.

Mary Lu Duffy

Judith Wilson

Howard Bernstein