What an adventurous life this boy had!  He was rescued by the Duffy family when his own family had a baby and didn’t want to keep him.  He was the perfect golden boy.  Moving from rural Mississippi to the Gulf Coast he went through a couple of hurricanes.  He loved to get out and explore his neighborhood and one time landed in jail.  In typical Boudreaux fashion, he just sat patiently knowing his Mom would come and bail him out.  He had several siblings along the way, 2 of which were MAGRR kids.  He loved them all and got along with everyone he met.

Boudreaux from time to time would steal his mom’s computer and apply to adopt another Golden from MAGRR.  We would all chuckle when the application came in and he indicated that he wanted a friend.  Pretty soon it worked and his mom adopted a sister for him.  He loved her and played with her right up to the time he decided he would go to the Rainbow Bridge.  He went on his own terms and without fanfare.  His life is truly a tribute to a rescued Golden.  He loved every minute of his life.   He will be missed by many people who loved him and enjoyed his antics.

God speed sweet. You are now flying with the angels!





Cold wind blew through my heart tonight –
cutting like a knife –
Another much loved furchild
was taken from this life.

Called Home by the Master,
To His meadows fair and green
Leaving us here earthbound
To dream what might have been…

Missing much loved canine smiles,
The wise eyes, with their gleam…
His time on earth was much too short!
Lord, wake me from this dream!

Yes I have faith that what He claims
Shall safe and whole abide.
Cold wind will turn to soft warm breeze
As surely turns the tide,

May memories of times gone by
Sustain and give you ease.
Sweet Boudreaux, my golden friend – “rest well”
And may our “Mom” find peace.

I will miss you my friend until we meet again,
Your sister, Gusty