Be An Angel: Join Our Corps of Foster Families

MAGRR foster families are also known as our Angel Corps. They provide a safe, comfortable and stable environment for our Goldens to learn and feel loved. The foster period is a crucial step in preparing our Goldens for adoption. It is a learning experience for both family and dog. You don’t need a big house or a dog training degree to become a foster for MAGRR; just a big heart with plenty of love to share. MAGRR’s Foster Care Team is available to offer insight and guidance to new foster families.

If you are apprehensive about becoming a foster family, there are ways for you to ease into the experience.

For instance, you might first like to try vacation fostering, a term we use for babysitting a Golden while its foster family is out of town. If cute and cuddly puppies are your preference, become a puppy foster. How about offering a hospice Golden a comfortable place to live out the rest of her days? Perhaps you have an appropriate home for a heartworm-treated dog. A Golden recovering from heartworm treatment requires 30 days of rest and recuperation with little to no activity. Even if you are only available to foster during the summer or to keep a Golden for a holiday weekend, we need you!

What is expected of a foster family?

The basic requirements include welcoming the dog into your home, providing a premium brand of dog food, and transporting the Golden to any pre-arranged veterinary appointments. We ask that our fosters send in a new photo and an update of the Golden to the webmaster, to give potential adopters a more accurate description. It is helpful when our foster families can reinforce a few basic house manners, such as housebreaking or sitting for a treat. Most importantly, a MAGRR Golden needs plenty of love.

Note: We won’t place dogs in homes with unaltered pets, as this solicits issues and goes against our mission.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to foster a rescued Golden?

Perhaps you have questions, or the temporal nature of foster dogs being in your home makes the decision seemingly impossible. Read the experiences of our own foster families in their own words about what the MAGRR Angel Corps program has meant to them. They likely will address some of your questions. Please reach out to the Foster Care Team if you wish to learn more about the program.