These guidelines are intended to answer common questions that supporters, volunteers, adopters and members of the news media may have about obtaining and sharing information regarding MAGRR. Please contact the communications team with additional questions.

Primary Content Delivery Vehicles

Website: We mostly utilize our site for sharing information that is time insensitive and pertinent to our entire audience, such as available dogs in our program, adoption and surrender information, and volunteer opportunities. Press releases and certain news stories are published in the “Newsroom” section of the site.

Email Blasts: We share the most recent and urgent news, as well as quarterly updates and upcoming event information through newsletters and special announcements. Since subscribers are segmented into lists based on their region and relationship to MAGRR, we are able to target specific, personally relevant content to each subscriber.

Social Media: MAGRR maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Photos and updates of adopted Goldens, event details, organization news, and profiles of Goldens available for adoption are often posted through these channels.

Sharing Your Information with MAGRR Audiences

Whether it’s a photo from a recent trip with your MAGRR Golden or information about a pet product recall, we appreciate content submissions that will be enjoyed by or benefit our supporters and their pets. Review our recommendations below and send submissions to the communications team.

  • Please upload attachments in PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, DOC or DOCX formats.
  • Submit high-resolution photographs if at all possible.
  • Include a short blurb, if necessary, with relevant details.
  • If your submission is related to an adopted MAGRR Golden, please include the dog’s MAGRR ID number, if known.

It is MAGRR’s policy not to allow advertising in any communication medium.

Requesting an Interview with MAGRR Personnel

Our organization’s work is highlighted in local TV segments, magazines and other news publications. If your outlet wishes to interview a MAGRR board member, foster or volunteer for an upcoming story, please coordinate with the communications team to ensure the best spokesperson is selected, based on the nature and topic of the story.

Logo Usage

Specific guidelines have been established for the appropriate use of MAGRR’s logo and brand materials. If you wish to incorporate the MAGRR logo into your project, please consult with the communications team for more information about the approval process.