Thunderstorm Phobia

2020-09-26T18:05:48-05:00September 24, 2020|Categories: Behavior|

Helping Your Dog Overcome Fear of Thunder and Other Noises It is not uncommon for dogs to be frightened of thunder, firecrackers or other loud sounds. These types of fears may develop even though your dog has had no traumatic experiences associated with the sound. Many fear-related problems can be [...]

Aggressive Behavior

2020-09-26T18:05:03-05:00September 24, 2020|Categories: Behavior|

The word aggression can refer to a range of behaviors from barking and growling, snarling and snapping, to biting and attacking. Threats of aggression are one way dogs have of communicating and are often displayed as a means of avoiding outright aggression. However, a threat (growling or snapping) may [...]

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