Name: Winston
ID: 2329
Sex: Male (to be neutered)
DOB: 12/4/2018
Size: 40 lbs.
General Health: Special needs
Availability: TBA
Sponsors: Wendy Ashcroft, Betty Bloom, Cyndy Bush, John Pritchard
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My Reports

Medical Update 8/2019

Winston was evaluated by the fantastic neurology department at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine (MSUCVM) and given an MRI.  He was diagnosed as our vet suspected with hydrocephalus (Fluid on the brain). They determined that he could be treated and so a new procedure was done – a Lateral Ventricular Marsupialization. This was done and it was successful. Now he is recovering and it was much less invasive that the older “shunt” method. He will go back on September 9th for his check up.

We might add that he is a typical puppy and loves everyone – two and four legged. He is just the happiest little guy. Everyone at the vet school including Dr. Shores – the Neuro Professor (pictured above) fell in love with him. More to come after his check up.

Intake Report 8/1/2019

This boy was purchased from a breeder by his family and all was well until he was about 6 months old. He had a couple of seizures which was highly unlikely for a young pup. The vet (who happens to be one of our vets) thought he needed a neurological work-up to include an MRI.  They just couldn’t afford to spend more money after the high cost of his purchase from the breeder. The vet called MAGRR and we agreed to help this boy.

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