Name:  Tupelo
ID:  2094
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  8 yr
Size:  74 lbs (Needs to gain)
General Health:  Skin infection and malnourished
Availability:  TBA
Sponsors:  Judy Irwin
Linda Smith
Richard Anderson
Patricia Willis
Renee Dineen
Deborah Prather

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Foster Update 2/25/2016
Tupelo is another one of those Southern gentlemen. The key is “gentle.”  He is very mild mannered and easy going.  He is content to be wherever you are.  He loves to go with you in the car and is very sweet and well behaved.  Unfortunately, his hind quarter is very weak.  He has difficulty standing for a lengthy period of time.  He currently is receiving physical therapy to help with this and to relieve some of the pain.  He never complains.  Tupelo loves attention and loves to be petted, which is a good thing, as he is irresistible.

Intake Report 12/9/2015:
Thanks to a kind soul who saw this boy on the side of a rural road in Mississippi and didn’t keep on going, he now has a chance to feel good and have a life. Even though he isn’t 100% Golden, we have deemed that he is a new designer breed – Chocolate Golden.  He was just so pitiful that we couldn’t say no.  We truly were his only hope.  He has no hair and a terrible skin infection.  He also had 2 abscessed teeth.  He came to us depressed and just feeling pretty rotten with arthritis in his back.  Of course he has heartworms which we will treat once we get him in better shape.  He is just as sweet as he can be and we are betting that once he gets lots of TLC he will perk up and we might even see a smile.  Watch for his transformation into the beautiful doggie that he was meant to be.


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