Name: Tucker
ID: 3131
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1 yr.
Size: 54 lbs.
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Foster Update 10/22/2019

Tucker spent a few days in a training program to help with his anxiety toward strangers.  We are happy to report that he has graduated with honors. He knows so many things now – he can heel, sit, stay and is so obedient. He is going to be a great dog. He does need an “in charge” kind of person to continue to reinforce what he has learned.

Foster Update 9/10/2019

Tucker is improving daily in every way, still has some “herding” issues but will listen to commands. He is truly a smart little guy. He has learned how to live with a family an a fur sibling. He loves to play. He is becoming a wonderful little dude!

Foster Update 9/1/2019

We picked Tucker up a week ago and he is learning more “in the house” behaviors every day. We also have a very young male golden and they love to play together. We have been working on basic commands and he is getting potty trained.  The only accident he had was early in the week at the back door when we didn’t get him out fast enough. We have limited his intake of water as this seems to be an issue with house training. If a bowl of water is left on the floor, he will drink until the bowl is empty, thus we were going out with him quite often. By the end of the first week we have him on a routine of going out before bedtime and then getting him up around 12-1 PM to go out. Once back in the house, he goes right back to sleep in his crate. By morning he will bark to go out again. This seems to work for him.

We gave him a bath yesterday and he did just fine. He loves water and will drink from the end of the hose.  We are working on his “mouthing” habit of grabbing your arm to communicate when excited. He is getting better as he is corrected. He also likes to mouth our golden and that gets them both started on rough housing.

He walks with us every day and does very well until a stranger (adult or child) is in his area, he becomes excited and barks but does respond to correction.

He has a beautiful thick coat and the cutest winged ears. He is a beautiful and a very smart dog. He reminds us of a border collie in some ways as he can be high energy.

Foster Update 8/26/2019

Tucker loves playing with his foster brother. They run and play and wear themselves out. He will make some active family a wonderful new companion. He is a cutie.

Intake Report 8/8/2019

This cute little guy spent the majority of his life in a shelter near Lake City, Arkansas. We were contacted by a mutual rescue friend who has known about him since April. It seems he was a stray wandering the streets and has been at the shelter since April. He’s a happy go lucky boy. Likes other dogs, and has a sweet disposition.

He has a thick beautiful coat with the golden smart knot, his ears tend to be a bit fly away but what he lacks in Golden ears, he makes up for in personality. He’s just looking for the perfect family

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