Name:  Tobin
ID:  2278
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  6 yr
Size:  55 lbs
General Health:  HW TX
Availability:  1st of September

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Intake Report 7/26/2017:
We were contacted by one of our members about a precious Golden who had been turned in by his owner to the a rural Mississippi shelter.  She had been to visit him and said he was just wonderful.  He was in a large pen with 6 other dogs where they were free fed.  He had no problems and really needed our help.  Of course we said yes.  For the hour ride to our clinic, he rode perfectly as though he knew that he was on the way to a new and better life.  He is a beautiful mahogany color and a little thin. His coat is slightly dry but with the TLC and good nutrition he is going to be drop dead gorgeous.  Once we are rid of those nasty heartworms, this boy is going to be a complete jewel.


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Tobin 2278 from MAGRR on Vimeo.