Name: Tara
ID: 4023
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yr.
Size: 44 lbs.
General Health: Heartworm treated
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: Kimberly Manzi, K2 Resources
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My Reports

Foster Report 7/10/2019

I’ve had Tara as Foster for since May, and she brings me joy. Tara is a beautiful , affectionate dog who loves being near her human.  She is just beginning to play with a ball and enjoys chew bones .She loves to ride in the car.  Her favorite time for exercise is just before bedtime.   About 9:30 pm , I let her out back, and she races back and forth bounding like a deer,  nose to the ground, she’s tracking every squirrel, chipmunk, mole or any critter that has left a scent that day. Afterward, she curls up in her bed and sleeps beside my bed until I rise the next morning. She is quiet and shy and is really a great companion for a mature person or someone who lives alone.

Foster Report 5/6/2019

Tara has been fostered almost a week now.  She came in fearful but is adapting well. She is extremely affectionate and sweet with her humans, but she would prefer to be an only dog.  She really likes all the attention and doesn’t want to share it with another dog. In that regard she is a bit of a princess.  On the other hand, she has almost totally ignored my cat, but she does watch him, and I wonder how she would react if he weren’t so dog savvy (no running, fast moves, and or getting in Tara’s way.) She is crate trained, sleeps quietly in her crate, and doesn’t make a peep there.  She is also house broken.  She has a broken tail that is an old injury.  The break is about 3 inches from where it attaches to her body.  From there it just hangs so that she is unable to lift it or wag it, and it sometimes gets in her way when trying to sit.  It doesn’t bother her, and our vets indicate that it is best to leave it. She came knowing no human words but has quickly learned “no” and “move.” She is very clever, finding all kinds of creative spots to nap where she is out of sight and trying to counter surf, but not quite tall enough to be successful.  She will make a wonderful loving and loyal pet for the right person, couple or family. Oops, I forgot to mention she is beautiful!

Intake Report 4/25/2019

This precious girl was found needing rescue after having puppies 6 months ago in rural Mississippi.  Thanks to our newest transport team member, Jen Hetterscheidt, we were able to get this sweet girl into our program.  Jen agreed at a moment’s notice to go early in the morning and meet her in New Albany. She had no chance without MAGRR.  She is such a sweet girl and gets along with all dogs and loves people.  Jen reported that she rode well on the trip to Memphis.  She has the sweetest face and has had some appears to have some black highlights on the ends of her ears.  She has the most beautifully expressive, soulful eyes.  They appear as though there is eyeliner around them. She is so cute and definitely has a golden personality and is a beautiful mahogany color.  She won’t be “birthin no babies” ever again.  She is going to make a wonderful pet for some lucky family.

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