Name: Tara
ID: 4023
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 5 yr
Size: 59 lbs (on Doggie Jenny Craig)
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports


Foster Update March 6, 2022

Hi frens, remember my cute face? I’m the chunky girl, part dachshund, part Golden, who is on Doggy Jenny Craig. I’m doing really good with it! I’ve lost 14 lbs and don’t look like I swallowed a Golden anymore. I don’t have a problem with running anymore either. I even went on a doggy tear this morning bouncing on and off one sofa and making a run around the whole house. I think I was celebrating the Spring weather. I do have a favor to ask though. I really need a little help. I live in an awesome house with lots of great foster frens but I’m kinda overwhelmed. See, I spent the first part of my life with just one person and was an only-child dog. Now don’t get me wrong, I get along with the other four dogs but I just need a little more peace and quiet. I would love more one-on-one cuddle time.  I stayed with another fren one weekend and I was a lot more comfortable with just one other dog and not having to compete for the lovins. I really need someone that I can be myself with and can give all my love to. Are you that special person who will who will see that I’m special too?

Intake:  October 21, 2021

Hi everybody! My name is Tara. I came from a very loving home where the credo was “More to Love.” They didn’t realize that feeding me so much and people food too (yumm) wasn’t a good way to show love. According to the vet (more about him later), 70 pounds on my petite frame was way too much. He said I needed to lose 30 pounds! He also said I’m morbidly obese and that can affect my life span. I’m only 5 yrs old and I’d like to have a long life. Can you imagine how hurtful that was?! In addition to that he said, I looked like a Dachshund who swallowed a Golden! I tried to set him straight and tell him I was one of those expensive new designer breeds. I knew I was a Golden Retweenie or maybe it was Goldweenie. My new MAGRR foster Mom tried to cover my long Dachshund ears so I wouldn’t get my feelings hurt! He put me on some awful dog food that tastes like Styrofoam. I won’t eat it at all unless it has green beans or no fat cottage cheese mixed with it. I was a little snarky in the beginning with my new foster siblings. My foster Mom forgave me because she said I must be “Hangry” all the time. Now I love living with my new siblings because we play some and we run every day! I can almost catch them, but they do have the advantage of longer legs. I didn’t realize burning calories could be so much fun. I used to love being big, bold and beautiful, but I’ve learned that being smaller is healthier. I get taken for a weigh in occasionally and that’s good because I love to ride in the car! Today I weighed 59 pounds. Ha, you do the math! Jenny Craig called and asked me to be her spokesdog.

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