Name:  Tally
ID:  2279
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  5 yr
Size:  48 lbs
General Health:  HW Treated /1 & 2
Availability:  First of September

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Foster Update 10/31/2017:
Tally’s ears are completely recovered from an infection and this girl is as sweet as she can be.  She is so happy and such an easy dog to handle.  She will definitely be a wonderful addition to her forever family.

Foster Update 10/6/2017
Tally is a sweet girl and is improving on her social anxiety.  She loves to go on walks and is recovering from an ear infection.  She is still scared of cars and loud noises but we are working on them and she is improving every day.

Foster Update 9/4/2017
Tally is doing really well.  She does really well at night time.  She is now sleeping with my dogs and goes in and out the doggy door without a problem.  She loves my dogs however we still separate them when feeding time.  She walks wonderfully well on a leash but gets scared when cars go by.  She is still learning her name but we know she will make a wonderful addition to her furever home. Tally will require another canine friend at her new home.

Intake Report 7/28/2017:
Our Intake team was contacted about a breeding operation in rural Kentucky that was shutting down. It was run by an elderly man and he decided he was just too old to continue with it. He bred Golden/Doodles and Labro/Doodles. We agreed to take the Golden/Doodles and we kinda of worried about just how many dogs we would be getting because of our continuing foster crisis.  As it turns out there was just this one Golden/Doodle that was a breed dog.  This girl was never given a name by the breeder and she was allowed to run loose on his farm. She always had her puppies under the porch. She’s had lots of litters. She has always been an outside dog and has been handled very little! She was absolutely terrified and stiff with fright. We carried her into our clinic and she ran under the bench, her back to us and didn’t want to come out. She did let me look in her mouth and her gums are red and swollen, her canines are both broken off and lots of other broken teeth. Of course the poor girl stunk something awful and has likely never had a bath. Dr. Wooden saw her after I left and also described her as frozen with fear. She is supposed to be 1st generation and that would make her half and half. She’s as cute as she can be, but she is certainly going to need time to learn to trust and be a part of a family in her foster. It is so sad to see a dog this frightened and shut down. I haven’t seen one this shut down in a while.   Bless this girl’s heart. She will begin to blossom with some TLC. Things are only going to get better for her now as a MAGRR girl and she won’t be birthing no more babies!


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