Name: Sundance
ID: 3155
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 18 months
Size: 50 lbs
General Health: HW TX
Availability: Mid March
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My Reports

Intake Report

February 8, 2020:

Sundance was lost and alone in Pine Bluff, AR.   A volunteer from the Friends of the Pine Bluff Shelter took him home so that he wouldn’t have to go into the shelter.  He got along with her dogs fine and she reported that he was very sweet.  MAGRR of course agreed to take him.  Today, Lynda Bertram met Jen Hetterschidt and Jen brought him to our downtown clinic.   He is full of worms and extremely thin.  Staff reports that he is very sweet and will be a great dog for MAGRR.  That is really all that we know about him.  We will get this boy on the road to good health and on the road to his forever home.

From his rescuer:
Pretty sure he can flip a latch on a chain link fence gate and he could use a slow feed bowl right now. He inhales his food so fast he will sometimes choke. Of course once he gets rid of the worms and they aren’t eating all the food in his belly, that may improve.

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