Name: Sofie
ID: 3142
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 4 yrs.
Size: 72 lbs. (needs to lose weight)
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report 11/5/2019

Sophie’s family contacted us through the website and stated that they have a young child with chronic health issues and that she is struggling with health issues.  She said they are not able to give Sophie the time and care she deserves and wondered if we could help.  After having a conversation with the lady, I wanted to take her in too.  They were clearly overwhelmed with life in general and chose to do the right thing by Sophie.  I met them at our clinic.  Sophie is very sweet but was nervous about what might be happening.  She was very excited to meet me in the parking lot but once we got into the clinic she tried desperately to get back outside to her family.  She also doesn’t seem to be getting much exercise.  She has been an indoor dog, who is housebroken, likes to swim when given the opportunity, likes to ride in the car, and loves people.  She is also crate trained, good with cats and other dogs, good with kids and is used to being brushed.  The family said they got her about 2 years ago.  They found  her on line from a family in rural Tennessee who also didn’t have time for her.  She has had no vetting.

They said they take her to the dog park and she plays well with other dogs, but does bark in excitement.  She gets in the garbage if it’s left where she can get to it.  She has done some counter surfing also, and is very food motivated.  But she does not guard her food according to her owner.  The family said she knows sit, lay down, and stay but doesn’t always do it.  She pulled on the leash pretty much constantly unless someone was petting her.  She has a very soft coat, with the longest blonde eyelashes.  She’s a beauty and once she finds a family who values her for the gem that she is, she’s going to be so lucky as are they!

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