Name: Skye
ID: 2352
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 4 yrs
Size: 70 lbs
General Health: HW TX 3/2 & 3/4
Availability: April 4
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My Reports

Intake Report

Update March 11, 2021

Skye is doing great with her heartworm treatment.   She loves my golden and is happy to be warm and safe. Here she is keeping me company while I work on a website. This is pretty much what she’s like- just wants to sit next to her person.  I had to leave the house for about 3 hours – left Skye with Gatsby (my golden). She was napping on a bed when I got back.   She definitely needs another dog. She is calm and friendly with total strangers and loves to ride in the car.   She has certainly not the scared girl that I picked up.  Really, she’s a perfect dog.

February 23, 2021

Two girls ended up at a high kill metro shelter in Mississippi. The had been abandoned at a vet clinic where an urgent plea went out saying their owners never came to get them so they were sent to the pound.  They appear to have been living together. We agreed to take them. Our local contact picked them up from the pound and took to her vet for boarding. Because the bad weather hit, we had to wait to get them. Finally after a week we were able to get them to Memphis.  They rode quietly in the backseat. Skye is much more subdued than Agatha.  She is shy at first but warms up once she knows she is safe.   She just need encouragement that all will be OK.   They both took treats from me very gently.  Skye was very hard to photograph since she was so timid.  She really is a pretty girl and we will get better photos once she has settled into her foster home.   Both are very sweet girls and just need some TLC as they have been neglected in the past.

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