Name: Shyla
ID: 4029
Sex: Spayed Female
DOB: 9/15/2017
Size: 52 lbs
General Health: HW TX
Availability: End of  June
Sponsors: Shelley Pinson
Stephanie Poole

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Intake Report 5/28/2019:

Shyla was bought to be a hunting dog.  Apparently things didn’t work out and she found herself tied to a rope in the backyard. We were told that several times she would go without food and water. She escaped a couple of times and would come to a neighbor’s garage just to get water.   The family was reluctant to surrender, but they finally agreed.

One of our intake team’s family member agreed to get her and bring her to Memphis where she stayed the day.   She has had a great day and did well with both my dogs and her 2 year old. She is very submissive to other dogs and craves attention from people. She likes to jump but will sit if you work with her a little. She is very sweet. While inside, she sat quietly in the crate. She whimpered a few times but never barked. She is an escape artist. She got out of our fence twice by digging a hole within a matter of 2-3 minutes (while we were in the yard with her on the other side). She did not run away and we think once she knows she is safe she won’t try to escape.

This girl is so sweet and deserves so much more that she has had.  She is on the road to the BEST life now that she is a MAGRR kid.


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