Name:  Sawyer
ID:  2255
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  1 yr
Size:  50 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Foster Update 5/30/2017
Sawyer is doing great at his foster home.   He loves playing with this foster brother and also the young children.  He is an awesome boy.  He does need toys on which to chew but that goes along with being a pup. Foster mom thinks he was not always treated nicely in his previous life as he is a little afraid sometimes to go into a new room or down the hall.  He is learning everyday to trust.  He will definitely need another dog at his new home unless someone adopts him and his brother Gage.

Intake Report 5/19/2017:
Sawyer (blonde) and his brother (we think) Gage (black) were victims of the resent flooding in Arkansas.  The little town was devastated.   After swimming a long distance, they were rescued out of the high water.  It seems pretty obvious to me that these 2 boys are litter mates. They are quite young. They gamboled all over and under each other in the waiting room just like litter-mates would. They are as sweet as can be, and would love to stay together, but they seem so easy-going separating should be no problem.  If we can find someone wanted two great boys already bonded, they would be a great match.  They quickly became a favorite of our staff.


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