Name:  Rylee
ID:2252  2252
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  2 yr
Size:  53 lbs (needs to lose 10 – 15 lbs)
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Intake Report 5/5/2017:
Rylee was surrendered to us because her family had to move from a house to an apartment that didn’t allow dogs. Her “Grandfather” said he loved her and it was a tearful goodbye. She was really his grandson’s dog, but he cared for her. Rylee slept in his king size bed each night along with another dog they are trying to re-home. He said he knew he spoiled her, but he loves her and hopes a new home will as well. Right now she is a little chunky, but a pocket Golden underneath.  This family acquired her at 6 wks of age in March 2015.  A green bean diet and exercise will fix Miss Rylee right up and maybe give her more energy.  She has no storm or anxiety issues.  She loves balls and socks. She doesn’t eat or chew socks, but likes to carry them around and entice you to chase her.  She is housebroken, good with children and “sometimes” comes when called and knows how to sit. She’s also good with cats. She’s used to being taken to a groomer for bathing about every 3 months. She had a very pretty, soft, tangle free, odor free curly coat. She’s not used to a leash walking, but she didn’t really pull at all. She met a young pit bull in the office and was nonplussed. She let herself be sniffed all over. She’s really cute and should be a very easy foster.  She is a sweet little girl.


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Rylee 2252 from MAGRR on Vimeo.