Name:  Roux
ID:  2266
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  1 -2 yr
Size:  40 lbs
General Health:  HW Treated
Availability:  End of July
Sponsors:  Susie & Robert Allen

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Foster Update 7/24/2017
Miss Roux continues to be a joy to have in our home. Well behaved, housebroken, and always ready for some love. But, if you want to read the Sunday paper without a pupster snuggled up then Lady Roux is not for you. She loves love but understands no, though. Roux still gets on famously with all our dogs – including the Jack Russell terrier – and enjoys a good wrestle and chase with our hound. Lady Roux is a true Southern Belle.  Did we say how much we love this girl and what a great family member she will be?


Foster Update 7/20/2017:
Roux is an absolute delight to have in our home!  She has been with us a couple of weeks and is a picture of sweetness and light.  She adapted very quickly and gets along famously with all of our dogs – although she’s not yet sure if she should chase our chickens or play with them!  Roux certainly seems housebroken and has not had a single “accident” in our home and is often alone in our home for several hours at a time.  She’s learning that sleeping on our bed is preferable to a dog bed on the floor and I can’t blame her.   She gets on great with visitors to our house – including rambunctious pre-teens – going from person to person to get some petting and belly rubs.  We have fostered many dogs over the years and Roux is absolutely one of our favorites!   Whichever family Roux decides to adopt is going to be fortunate indeed!!

Intake Report 6/27/2017:
This sweet little girl was found wandering around in rural Mississippi.  A kind person saw her on the side of the road scourging for something to eat and took pity and stopped to save her.  She took her home where she got along with her dogs and was so happy to have a warm place to sleep and food to eat.  She was covered in fleas and ticks and is extremely thin.  Her tail has been cut off and probably her life has not been good up to now.  Her coat is dry and brittle. She has some tail feather starting and with good nutrition her coat will fill out.  She is a little fearful as though someone may hurt her, but once she knows that she is safe she just wants kisses and pets.  She has an engaging and gentle spirit and is just happy to have some positive attention.  Even though she is not 100% golden, she is 100% golden spirit.  She is so sweet and is we couldn’t resist her and neither will you.  Watch this duckling will turn into a beautiful swan.


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