Name:  Roger
ID:  2075
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  8 – 9 yr
Size:  49 lbs (Thin)
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently
Sponsors: Susan MacKay
Maureen Lane

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Foster Update 8/25/2016:
Great news!!!  Roger is now heartworm negative and can go to his forever home.  He is slightly deaf, but a wonderful boy.  Maybe you would like to have him come live out his seniors years with you.  He gets along with everyone and every thing – dogs & cats.   He is just about the perfect boy.

Roger2075SitCKFoster Update 2/26/2016
Roger has really bounced back.  He has gained 20 pounds and that has improved his health a great deal.  When he first arrived he would fall from being weak and malnourished.  Now, he likes to go for walks.  He loves to be outside and on pretty nights he will go out and sleep on his bed on the patio.  He has adjusted beautifully. His poor vision and deafness has not made any difference in his ability to adapt and get along with the rest of his three brothers.  We love having him in the pack.  What a sweet, sweet guy!





Intake Report 10/22/2015:
This poor pitiful soul was a stray in rural Tennessee with no place to go.  The friends of that county shelter called MAGRR and said that he was so frightened and so depressed and they knew would never have a chance at adoption from them.  We immediately said that we would take him and try to help him.  He is in such poor condition.  Lots of his hair is missing and he has bald spots.  He is so thin and no surprise that he has heartworms.  He will have to gain some weight and strength before he can be treated.  He is just a sweet as he can be and only wags his tail occasionally.  He has at best been terrible neglected.  He seems to have lost his trust that he can have a good life, but we plan to change that.  He will go to one of MAGRR’s fabulous foster homes where he will get the TLC that he has lacked in his past life.  Watch as he blossoms.


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