Name:  Robby
ID:  2202
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  2 yr
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Medical Update 12/5/2016:
Robby is scheduled to have hip surgery tomorrow.  He may need further surgery to straighten his leg.  Surgeon will let us know more after the surgery.  He will have at least a 2 month rehab program.

Update 11/21/2016:
Robby’s foster mom reports that this boy is just about perfect.  He is very laid back and gets along great with her golden.  He stays right when them on walks and is just wonderful.  She says he is one of the best foster dogs that she has had.

Robby has an old hip and knee injury that is going to have to be addressed.  He has an appointment on November 28th with a surgeon at the specialty vet hospital.  We will determine the best course for him and update when we know.

Intake Report 11/15/2016:
This is Robby’s lucky day because he became a MAGRR kid.  He found himself in a rural Mississippi shelter where he had come in as a stray.  In that area, it wasn’t unusual for no one to come and get him, but the shelter staff fell in love with him and wanted to see him get a great home. Because there are so many dogs, Robby was overlooked and consequently he became more likely for euthanasia.   The staff so wanted him to get out because he is just a happy go lucky guy who loves everyone.  He loves playing with other dogs and even though his DNA isn’t 100% golden, his temperament and personality surely are.  They called MAGRR and we just couldn’t let his sweet guy get put down.  He looks like he might have crossed paths with a Duck Toller.  Has those beautiful light eyes and a pretty golden coat.  He has white feet which truly make him adorable and any older folks out there – we might should have called him Robby Socks.   He will make a great addition to anyone’s family.


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