Name: Riley
ID: 2438
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 8-10
Size: 92 lbs
General Health: HW TX 8/11/22
Availability: Mid September
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Foster Update

September 21, 2022

What a difference love and TLC makes for a sweet boy like Riley.   He has gained some weight and as you can see from the new pictures, he is loving life.  His coat isn’t yet where it will be but is so much better.  This duckling is turning into the swan he was meant to be.   He is just a perfect guy who loves too just hang with his people.   He is just a gentle soul.  If you love him, he will love you forever.

September 14, 2022

Riley went back to the vet today for a check.  Good news: his teeth are in remarkably good shape. He just eats those crunchies too fast. We will continue to mix in canned food with the crunchies. He has no problem eating that.  He does have arthritis, so now has some pain killers for that.  Best news: he has put on ten pounds!! This boy is a total love bug.  If you want a sweet ole guy who is no trouble think about Riley.

Intake Report

August 3, 2022

This sweet boy may be one of the most pitiful cases I have seen in a long time.   Intake received an email a local rescuer.  She told us that she had found a Golden who had been on the lamb in rural Mississippi.    She brought him to her house where she said he was very sweet and got along with a house full of her dogs.  We said we would take him.   No one was available to meet him at our clinic, so she agreed to bring her to us. omputer and let the staff know.    S

I went out to meet him the next morning and he is definitely very sweet.  While he is not 100% golden, he has a 100% golden heart.   He has no hair on the bottom half of his body and had scabs all over him from ticks.  He has had not care in a very long time.   He got a bath yesterday and a good brushing today.  Dr. Mangum says he is 8-10 years old.   Just a sweet old man who needs some TLC.   I have attached some pix so that you can see what terrible shape he is in.  He is HW positive of Course.    No surprise.   As time goes by, more information on him.   I just feel so sorry for him and it was obvious to me that all our clinic staff feels sorry and are giving him extra love and attention.   He is going to be a beautiful boy once he is over his heart worms and has had some decent nutrition.   Watch as this sweet boy becomes the best boy ever.

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