Name:  Rex
ID:  2265
Sex:  Neutered Male
DOB:  1/23/12
Size:  98 lbs (on Weight Watchers Now)
General Health:  HW Treated
Availability:  End of July

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Intake Report 6/26/2017:
This rotund blonde boy is the victim of a divorcing couple, with several children and busy schedules, who simply didn’t have time or resources to take care of him properly.  The fact that they recognized he wasn’t getting the attention, exercise and veterinary care he needs and were willing to do the right thing for him, says they cared about him.

I met them at their house, where it was a bit chaotic with a noisy and unruly Pug/Boston Terrier mix jumping constantly and running around, 4 children, two of which were crying because Rex was being surrendered, and Rex, who was clearly aware that something was amiss.  After the confusion, Rex warmed up to me once we got on the road and he nudged under my arm constantly for petting.   He rode quietly, hassling and drooling, but was calm considering all things.  Rex was acquired at 6 weeks of age by this couple.  He’s very matted and in desperate need of a bath.  He sleeps indoors on the floor.

He knows sit and shake.  He loved the kids and were very tolerant of their busyness.  He likes to ride in cars, is not storm phobic, is housebroken.  The owner told me he’s good with other dogs, but needs to be introduced slowly.  He also doesn’t like little dogs in his face although he lived with one.   There were three or four different small/medium dogs who came through the lobby yesterday while waiting for check-in, and Rex didn’t react at all to them.  I kept them pretty far apart, but he really just ignored them.  He looked at them, but made no attempt to go over to them or sniff them.  I think once he gets over the shock of leaving his family, and all he’s known, he’ll be fine.  Based on the conversation with his family, he’s been pretty ignored for quite a while and he’s probably gotten used to being on his own.


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