Name:  Rena
ID:  2259
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  2 yr
Size:  35 lbs (very emaciated)
General Health:  HW Pos to be treated when healthy
Availability:  Sep 1
Sponsors:  Jane Tribble

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Foster Update 7/15/2017
Rena is such a great little girl.  She is easy and her only vice inside is that she will check out trash if it is available.  She is potty trained and gets along with other dogs.  She can meet kitties, but best that she not actually live with one.  She was with 2 and OK with one and not the other, so we think she would be better in a no kitty-cat home.  Otherwise this girl is wonderful.

Intake Report 5/31/2017:
We were contacted by the staff of a local shelter about this girl.  She came to the shelter after her owner had been reported for animal cruelty.  A neighbor reported and ask for an investigation on her condition, and once on the property, found her in terrible condition and no dog food on the property.   The owner was arrested on misdemeanor animal cruelty and police also filed charges too.   The owner said he had found her about 6 months ago…so she’s been living in horrible conditions for quite a while.

When we went to meet her, she was in the Directors office on a soft bed and being given extra care, attention and treats.  She was a bit shy at first, but quickly warmed up the the attention and petting.  She’s very sweet, a bit timid and submissive, but considering her poor health condition, her coat is relatively soft and healthy.

In addition to being emaciated, she had fly bites and sores on both ears, has every kind of internal worm possible.  She’s frightened of doors and going through them, but as we worked with her she started coming around and eventually voluntarily went through the doors.  She got in the van and road quietly to get pictures and then onto our clinic.  She welcomed all attention at the vet clinic from the tech staff.  She tried to get into several garbage cans while we were waiting to be checked in.

She found a ziploc bag of dog food in one of the trashcans…and I could hear her thoughts, as I took it away from her….”How dare folks throw perfectly good dog food away, when I’m STARVING here!”.  She will need to be watched closely by whoever fosters he, as she’s liable to continue to try to eat anything she can get.   Its going to be wonderful to watch her come into her own and find a family who’s deserving of her love and sweet spirit.


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