Name: Remington (AKA Remi)
ID: 2391
Sex: Neutered Male
DOG: 10/21/19
Size: 64 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report

October 3, 2021

Remi is an owner surrender to our wonderful rescue partner in rural Tennessee. The owner actually drove him to her. Remi had great fun playing with her 5 dogs and actually became quite “attached” to her. I met her midway and he easily transferred to my car. Remi craves human contact and attention. He was not rude about it and never jumped up, but he’s really strong on the leash and appears to have had no training. He didn’t even want to leave me when the tech came to take him. Remi lived out in the country. This designer dog, Dad was Poodle and Mom, Golden is a 1st generation Doodle. Folks pay big bucks for these dogs! These owners got him as a puppy, but have decided they don’t really understand him.  Remi was at one time was used to being crated. He was great in my crate for travel, very quiet. He has a gentle mouth and loved being fed teats. Most lately he has been allowed to be free range and lived in the woods for the most part; therefore, having many burrs in his coat.  He is all cleaned up and loving life as an inside doggie.   He has gone to foster with 2 other dogs so he can play.  He is adorable and going to be quite sought after.

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