Name:  Pooh Bear
ID: 2272
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  8-10 yr
Size:  98 lbs (need to lose weight)
General Health:

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July 23, 2017
It is with sad news and heavy hearts that we lost of our precious Pooh Bear today.   Our doctors discovered a mass on his heart and we were hoping that he would have more time.  He passed away peacefully in his sleep at this wonderful foster home.  All was could give him was love during the last weeks of his life.  We are thankful that he didn’t die alone in a cold shelter.  Rest in Peace sweet boy.  You were loved.

Intake Report 7/8/2017:
I visited a local rural Tennessee shelter today to pick up Pooh Bear. Poor ole Pooh was surrendered yesterday by his elderly owner who said he had too many dogs and he was getting too old to properly care for Pooh.  He is just about as sweet as he can be. He greeted several small dogs in the waiting room with no reaction at all. He walks easily on leash without pulling at all. He needs to be on our weight watchers green bean diet as he could stand to lose 15-20#s. It was reported that he likes children, other dogs and is not food aggressive. He has always lived outside  His coat is short and dry and appears to be growing out from having been shaved.  He is going to be so beautiful once he gets the proper nutrition and TLC.   This sweet old one deserves to live out his Golden years in air conditioned comfort. I’m so glad he is a MAGRR boy now.


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