Name:  Pippin
ID:  2251
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  10 yr
Size:  44 lbs
General Health:  Very week in backside
Availability:  Currently

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July 24, 2017:
It is with a heavy heart that we had to let sweet Pippin go to the Rainbow Bridge today.  She collapsed and just couldn’t go on.  Her eyes told her wonderful foster mom, Bibba, that she was ready.  She wouldn’t eat and she just couldn’t go on.  Our vet agreed that there was nothing to be done but let her go.  She went peacefully in the arms of her foster mom.  Sometimes giving them a few months of love and attention is all that we can do for them.  Rest in peace sweet Pippin girl.   You were loved.

Foster & Medical Update 5/24/2017
This sweet girl was in pain from a spinal condition.  She is very weak in her hind end and putting on pain meds has really helped.  She also had low platelets which and tested positive for Erlichia so treatment has been started.  Our doctor thinks possibly that is contributing to her weakness.  She is much calmer now that she is on medication and chilling in a home.  She is just adorable and so very sweet.  We will see how she does after her round of medication.

Intake Report 4/28/2017:
This precious, fluffy, old gal was found wandering in a state park last weekend by some hiking college girls from a college town in Arkansas. One of our member’s daughter who attends this college, is in the same sorority as these girls and that’s how we found out about her.  She was emaciated, thirsty, and covered in fleas and ticks.  They took her to a local vet on Tuesday and had her checked out, gave her a Nexguard, which killed the hundreds of ticks she was covered in, and knocked out the fleas.  They took her back home and tried to find the owner but to no avail.  Since they’re college students, they really didn’t have a way to keep her.  Our member reached out to the intake team to make us aware of her and of course we agreed to help her, so she was taken her to a local member, who took care of her until she could be transported to Memphis.  Lori said she’s very sad and wanders around until she tires herself out, then she sleeps.  She spent the few days with Lori following her around at her house and enjoying a quiet view overlooking their property.

She is an absolute sweetheart.  She seems extremely quiet and timid at first, and like Lori, I’m sure her spirit is somewhat broken.  She shook at first when I met her, but that has ceased.  She welcomed all of the attention and activity with a smile on her face.  The vet techs immediately went to work on her, cutting mats from her hair, removing the dead ticks, taking blood, checking for any abnormalities, and then ultimately volunteering to give her a bath.  She stunk to high-heaven and smelled severely of urine.  But after a bath, brushing and a blow-dry, she’s as fluffy as a puppy, and the look on her face makes her seem much younger than her tired body really is.


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