Name: Pansy
ID: 4031
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yr
Size: 31 lbs
General Health: HW TX
Availability: 1st of July

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Foster Update 6/5/2019:
I got Pansy around noon yesterday. She is so sweet!! I hate that she can’t run around and play, but she is very calm most of the time anyway. She is potty trained (from what we can tell so far) and is very easy going. I’m sure she will not be with us much longer- she will be the perfect pet!





Intake Report 5/30/2019:
We were contacted by the head of the a rural Tennessee shelter. She asked us if we would take this dog as she was part of a cruelty case and the owners were jailed.  11 dogs were seized from the home along with this sweet little “pocket” golden.  A picture of little “Goldie” eating from a trash pile was sent to us.   I decided to name her Pansy, because of her small size and the freckles on her face.  Also, I used to have close friend who was very short and petite named Pansy. She has a pretty reddish colored coat, but it is dry. I picked several ticks from her and she is covered in flea dirt. She was a quiet passenger.   Even after Pansy gains some weight she will remain a “pocket Golden” and be in demand for her small stature. She’ll never again have to hunt through the trash for groceries. Gee, maybe I should have named her Scarlett “O’Hara”.


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