Name:  Ozzy
ID:  2276
Sex:  Neutered Male
DOB:  12/12/2011
Size:  93 lbs
General Health:  Ear & Skin Infection
Availability:  Mid August

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Intake Report 7/20/2017:
This sweet white-faced boy is an owner surrender from Arkansas.  This was a tough one.  We were contacted by his owners’ daughter last week.  The owner moved here from Indiana several years ago to be near her daughter and grandkids.  She actually moved in with them, and their two dogs, one of which is a German Shepherd.

It wasn’t long before Ozzy began showing signs of stress.  The GSD did not take to Ozzy very well and our southern thunderstorms aren’t Ozzy’s favorite experience, they don’t have very much room in the back yard for Ozzy to get exercise.  Between these things and his owner now working extra long hours (12 hour shifts), she felt like he deserved better.  He has had no problems with other dogs.

He’s an indoor dog, who sleeps with his owner at night.  He was crate trained as a puppy, bell trained and is house-broken.  The daughter recently shaved him because of the heat – bad idea which of course shaving only makes them hotter and prone to skin issues.  He has flea dermatitis and several scabs and sores from itching.

The owner did say he will bolt if he gets out or is off leash, so the foster and adopter need to be aware of this.

He was a bit unsure of what was happening, but was happy to jump up in my van and lay in the air conditioning while his Mom said goodbye to him.  He leaned into her and you could tell he knew something was up.  It was a very tearful goodbye and for some reason has been harder on me than most owner surrenders.   For some reason, as i was driving away, the image of a “total stranger driving away with my boy popped into my head and I thought, “how in the world does anyone make the conscious decision to give up a dog that they clearly love so dearly”…haven’t been able to get that one out of my head.  She’s reached out to me several times since we met, but I’ve assured her he’s doing great.

He rode quiet and happy to our clinic and greeted everyone at the clinic very well.  He leans in and loves to be petted.  He’s a big Lug of a guy.  Once we get his ears and hips happy, he’s going to feel much better and make a great addition to a family.


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