Name: Owen
ID: 3096
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 5 yr
Size: 47 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently

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Medical Update 2/26/2019:
Owen had apparent trauma to his oral cavity so a sedated oral exam was performed. This revealed evidence of trauma such as from a fight including a missing upper canine tooth with damage to the surrounding alveolar bone, a broken premolar, and puncture wounds. He also had severe attrition and irreparable damage to his upper incisors so these were removed. He received a full dental cleaning and was put on antibiotics and pain medications. He was on soft food for a week.   No wonder he was so protective of his head as he was truly in lots of pain.  He has already improved and is perking up.  He is getting along with the staff and beginning to trust.

Intake Report 2/22/2019:
This boy was at a local high kill shelter as a confiscation from an eviction.   Because of their full capacity he was placed back in the bite quarantine area.  When I went to meet him on Saturday he was scared to death and very shut down.  He was obviously very frightened so we went slow with him. Once outside, his demeanor improved and I then spent about 45 minutes in a meet and greet room trying to get him out of his shell.  He began to let me pet his back and hind quarters but didn’t want to be approached toward his face.

His stray hold wasn’t up until the 25th, but after a great deal of convincing in addition to his emaciated condition and other parasites, the shelter agreed to allow us to pull him on a medical discharge. After processing the paperwork and bringing him out of the loud shelter, he happily walked outside with me on the leash and jumped in the crate in my van.

I stopped at McDonald’s and got him a cheeseburger and french fries. And hoped that that would help gain some trust and traction with him. He was perfectly fine taking food from my hands, he did it rather gently considering how hungry he was.  When I got him to our clinic he came out of the crate willingly, and went into the clinic without any real coaxing. We continue to use the cheeseburger and french fries to gain his trust in the clinic while the vet team examined him.

He continued to take pill pockets and treats for most but still would not allow us to touch his head and face. During the process of all of us we realized that he has a large sore/abscess on the lower left jaw line of his mouth. So we decided to just let him decompress and they were going to work with him over the weekend. We think that at some point he was cared for.

I’m hoping the vet staff will be able to figure out what all is going on with Owen and with a bit of time he will learn to trust us.



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