Name:  Opal
ID:  2233
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  3 yr
Size:  44 lbs
General Health:  Skin Infected but treated
Availability:  End of March
Sponsors:  Katy Blanchett
Eileen Spencer
Dan Spinella
Richard Anderson

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Medical Update 4/1/2017:
This sweet little one had surgery this week for a luxating patella.   Our own Dr. Madison made the repair and the surgery went well.  This sweet one will have a 4-6 week recovery.  After all of the heartache this sweet and precious one has been through, we are so grateful that we were able to help her so that she is no longer in pain.

Intake Report 2/23/2017:
An Opal is a semi-precious stone. It is formed when a single piece of silica/sand falls through a crack in the earth. It undergoes years of heat and the pressures of nature far underground working on it before it emerges as something precious. Our dear Opal fell through the cracks of humanity. She underwent cruelty and pressures that we can never imagine. Now through the Grace of MAGRR she will emerge into the light of a wonderful life. It will just take some time, medicines, kind words and hands. Opal appears to have had more than one litter of pups even though she is likely only about 3 yrs. She was dumped by some cruel folks near a gravel road in rural Mississippi. She made her way to a barn and set up a nest for herself in some hay.  A kind lady fed her for 3 days when she came to care for her horses. She then put her on FB and our Mississippi Angel, picked her up today and we met to get her to our clinic. She is such a sweet girl and terrified. She sat in my crate, quietly looking behind her and seemed to know she was moving on to a better life. She is skeletal and a bag of bones. I had to carry her from the crate into the clinic. She sat next to me and gently placed her paw on my leg and she wanted my hands back on her. The heat was just pouring off her inflamed skin. She has so little hair from her terrible skin condition.  She does have some white around her nose and a small white stripe atop her head and may have some freckles.  She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had and just wants someone to love her.  She is going to be gorgeous once she has gotten her beautiful Golden coat and some meat on her bones.


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