Name: Noelle
ID: 2411
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 7-9 yr
Size: 50 lbs
General Health: HW TX
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Update April 28, 2022

Miss Noelle is finally finished with her Heartworm treatment and is ready to go to her forever home.  She has really come around and is learning so many things about living with a family.  She loves being outside and is certainly no couch potato.  We are actually questioning if her age is correct.  She acts so much younger. Noelle has discovered ducks and is intrigued.  There may be some “bird” dog in this girl.  She said “They float, they quack and they shake their tail feathers. Let me at ’em.”

Intake Report February 4, 2022

This precious one was apparently dumped locally sometime in December. She started being sighted on 12/26. She was on the streets during some very severe low temps. . There were several folks involved in trying to catch her and one man tried to trap her. The lady a true good Samaritan for sure that caught her said she just walked right up to her and let her grab her collar. This lady took her to her own vet and had her checked for a chip, had all her shots given and found out she was heartworm positive. She could not keep a big dog and started looking for a rescue. She is a precious golden mix and she appears to have been used up as a breeding “machine”. Poor girl was skinny, stinky and quite mangy. She did have on a martingale type collar. It was so tight we had to cut it off. Maybe she will grow more fur after her mange is treated. Of course good groceries will help her immensely. Her rescuer said she is housetrained. This girl has a quiet, grateful, cooperative presence.  When you look into her old soul eyes, they just grab your heart. Dr. M. fell for her too and says she sits pretty and shakes hands.  She needs some dental attention. She will be one of our humanitarian saves for sure. So glad she’s with MAGRR now. I want to see her blossom and go to a fabulous home!

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