Name: NIgel
ID: 2409
Sex: Neutered Male
DOB: 1/16/19
Size: 38 lbs
General Health: Good – Matted upon Intake and had to be shaved
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report

Foster Update 2/22/2022

From Foster where Nigel spent the weekend when his regular foster was out of town:
Nigel is loving and affectionate to everyone but he is definitely a daddy’s boy. He really loves to cuddle on the couch with mom but given the chance, he will lie in dad’s lap for hours! He waits for dad to get up in the morning and is always way more ecstatic to see him than anyone else.  He also gives the most incredible hugs. If you ask him for one, he puts his forehead into your chest and leans in his shoulder, then pushes and stays there. This boy has so very much love to share.

Foster Update 2/15/2022

Hi, my name is Nigel.  It’s a name from the British Isles that means “Champion” and that’s definitely me! I don’t walk, I prance and dance. I think I must be descended from a long line of champion circus performing dogs. I am a Doodle, and after all, and there is nothing smarter, cuter, or more energetic than a Golden Retriever/Poodle combo. Foster Mom sez we need to harness all that smartness, cuteness, and energy into one perfect package… but hey! I’m ALREADY the perfect package! The first day with my foster family I learned to sit for my meals. By the second day I was sitting and staying until Mom said I could have my food. (See how smart I am?) I turned 2 years old in November of 2021 and I was already potty trained and also crate trained for bedtime and when the parental units go out for a bit. I lived in two other homes before coming to the nice peoples at MAGRR, but due to some sad stuff that was no one’s fault, I needed to find a new home. I love kids, toys, and other dogs, so I’ve really had lots of fun playing with my other four doggy siblings. My fur was really tangled when I came here so I had to gets a really short haircut. It was great (except for those shivery days) but Mom sez it will grow back perfect (like me!) and folks will love it because it doesn’t shed like my Golden siblings. It also showed off my beautiful skinny bod.  Mom said I was too thin but I wasn’t offended because then she started feeding me 3 times a day! Boy, do I LOVE Foster Mom!
Mom sez these nice peoples at MAGRR will soon find a perfect home for the perfect dog. (ME, Nigel!) So when do you want to meet me? (Nigel, perfect champion dog)

Update: February 1, 2022

Nigel did very well at our clinic but unfortunately he was so matted that he had to be shaved.   His skin was almost infected from the mats.  He feels so much better and has gone to his foster home.   Better pictures when the hair grows out some.

January 26, 2022

Meet this cutie.  Another Golden Doodle….     The surrendering family got him from an older lady who got him as a pup and she just couldn’t handle a young dog.    They have had some financial difficulties cannot afford him – grooming is expensive and they have let him go so long he is a hot mess.     She has kids and he loves the kids.  He likes toys and sleeps in a crate.  She really did love him as said they just wants him to have a good home.  They thinks he needs a family because he so loves kids.  They reported that he loves to play and is housetrained.    Friend who brought him to MAGRR says he is a good dog and rides well in the car.   He is one adorable little guy.

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