Name:  Nana
ID:  2081
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  10 – 12 yr
Size:  53 lbs
General Health:  HW Pos
Availability:  Spring 2016
Sponsors:  Yvonne Thomas
Cheri Kilmurray
Deborah Prather

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Foster Update 2/5/2016
Nana has been convalescing to gain strength so that she can be treated for her heartworms.  She has done very well and is being assessed today to see if she is ready for her treatment.  She is just absolutely precious.

Intake Report 11/9/2015:
Nana was found as a stray in rural Tennessee and one of our contacts was notified.  They tried for several days to find her owner, but to no avail.  Yvonne went and got this sweet one and brought her straight to her house where Maddie greeted her warmly.  The children where she had been staying were calling her Nana, so being reminded of a previous Nana that we had, we decided to keep that name.  Yvonne took her to the vet today to be checked out.  She is an old girl about 10 to12 years old.     She has limited muscle mass in her hind limbs and even on her head.  Hoping due to arthritis and lack of great nutrition.  Blood has been drawn and will have results tomorrow.  Depending on blood work she may go back for radio-graphs.    She is so sweet and so pitiful.  So glad that we can help this sweet one.  Yvonne graciously agreed to foster her at least through Thanksgiving.  So glad she has had to spend one night at the clinic.