Name: Myra
ID: 3152
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yr
Size: 65 lbs
General Health: Good
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My Reports

Intake Report 1/6/2020

Bear and Myra just wandered out of the woods into the backyard of a “Good Samaritan” in rural Arkansas before Christmas.  These poor dogs were terribly matted, infested with ticks and fleas and definitely hungry. It appeared Myra had recently had pups, but was no longer lactating. Bear seemed protective of Myra, but let them both love on her. At first the pair did not wander far from their yard/property after being fed. They made an appointment that week to check for a microchip but none was found.  They made attempts on social media to find their owners. They had them groomed and boarded when they were out of town and it was then that they learned Myra is an escape artist. She was seen trying to climb a high chain link fence, but was stopped before escaping. While on a tie out run in their yard, she backed out of her collar and was gone for about 2 hours before returning. Myra loves to run. Because of this couple’s jobs and an unfenced yard, they were unable to keep these beautiful dogs.

Myra’s coat had to be shaved because of the matting.  Her skin color is very spotted and freckled like a birddog. When she grows out maybe this will just be shading of a cream color. Her head looks very Golden. The couple who found them think this is a “bonded pair”. I don’t necessarily believe this based on her running away at their home while Bear stayed. Also, I took him into the vet first. They were so busy that it took about 45 min. before I could get her out. She wasn’t crying or whimpering during the separation. I never heard either of them make a sound.  Both dogs behaved very well around other dogs big and small, yappy and barking, coming and going at our clinic.

Myra will be much better once she is settled in a home and we are thinking she will give up trying to escape.   That one attempt was actually at a kennel and the other was just wandering off because she was left unattended.

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