Name: Murphy
ID: 1997
Sex: Neutered Male
DOB: 10/9/2013
Size: 64 lbs. (losing weight)
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Foster Update 9/6/2019

We cannot understand how this happy sweet boy has been overlooked. He is such a good boy and will make someone a great addition. He is a perfect age and can even go fishing. If you want a boy to go hiking, fishing and all outdoor activities, Murphy is your guy.

Foster Update 6/25/2019

Murphy went with his foster family to their cabin on the Spring River in Arkansas. This boy is getting so much needed socialization to new people, dogs and places. They report that he was really good. He hung out and explored with the other dogs including 2 Jack Russells and was fine with them. He met several new people and was great.  He was obsessed with fishing – see pictures where someone gave him a fish and he wouldn’t put it down for 30 minutes. He finally had to be bribed with food to let it go. He can be a little hard-headed at times, but he is really a great dog and so much fun. He is definitely expanding his horizons. He is going to make some one a great addition.

Foster Update 5/24/2019

Murphy is just the happiest dog! Seriously, not just a tail wagger, which he is,  but genuinely happy and content. He has been really good in the house, has never chewed on anything except dog toys, and is fully housebroken. He likes to chase our cat and fortunately our cat does not mind being out side and is very quick at climbing a wood fence. He minds pretty well, but does need some leash work. He can give sweet kisses but won’t lick you to death, and loves to be loved on. He would be a great addition to any household looking for a happy pup.

Intake Report 4/6/2019

Murphy was adopted 4 years ago by a young couple who love him dearly; however, since that time they have added a toddler and a new baby to their household. Murphy did fine with the toddler, but with the addition of the baby and more stress in the home, he was not doing well.  He was definitely reacting to the stress level and because he was his mama’s baby and she was busy with two little ones, he didn’t get the exercise nor attention that he needed. He needs to be in a home with a person who will let him know that they are in charge and give him structure and most importantly exercise. He is a good boy and truly wants to please. He can be a little timid with new people but warms up quickly once he knows it’s OK. This boy needs a chance for love and to now be moved again. We think a home with older children or even not children would be best.

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