Name:  Molly Mae
ID:  2260
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  2 yr
Size:  44 lbs (thin)
General Health:  HW TX
Availability:  July 9

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Foster Update 8/1/2017:
Molly is doing well, but she is still very anxious when left.  Foster is working on this issue.  Otherwise, she is a wonderful dog.  She will definitely need a home with another dog and someone who isn’t gone all day.

Foster Update 6/25/2017:
Molly has come such a long way.   She really isn’t that concerned with storms and we have had lots of them.  She is on medication which has helped to take away some of her anxiety.  We discovered that when she was left before, she was crate in a room alone and with the door locked.  This freaked her out.  She has been crated at her foster home while alone with her foster brother and she has done just fine. We believe that when she is comfortable in her home and feels secure, the medication can most likely be discontinued and she will be able to just hang with another dog.   We do think she will need a doggie friend.  This girl is going to settle down and become that perfect golden that we all knew she would be.

Intake Report 6/1/2017:
Meet Molly Mae, aka Molly.  She is an owner surrender from Arkansas.  She was adopted 2 weeks ago from a local animal shelter.  She was surrendered to the shelter by her former owner who had had her since she was 6 weeks old and who said the only thing wrong with her was that she likes to chase chickens.  The family who adopted her thought they’d found their dream dog and a companion for their current golden who is a tripod and needs a playmate.  Clearly there were other issues besides killing chickens…Molly obviously has some separation issues that they were not able with which to deal.  This is likely due to the fact that she has been an outside dog where storms are much more likely to frightened.

While sitting in the owners vehicle to finalize the intake paperwork and surrender form, Molly curled up on the console between me and the owner and fell asleep with her head in my lap.  The family had become very attached to Molly and it was a very tearful good bye.

Molly is a sweet dog, with a gentle spirit and desire to be petted constantly.  She has a beautiful mahogany coat, that is extremely soft and healthy.  She wants to curl up in your lap and be cuddled.  She loves to fetch a ball, play in the mud, ride in cars and chase squirrels, so I’m assuming she will not be cat friendly but we’ll need to confirm that.   She’s good with kids and other dogs, and this was confirmed as we met both in the vet clinic as she was appropriately interested in both kids and dogs, and did not react negatively at all.  She walked beautifully on the leash and doesn’t pull.  She does a cute trick where she goes between your legs to the rear, makes a circle and comes back and sits between your legs to be petted.

She’s small in frame and is quite underweight.   She is very sensitive to thunderstorms.  The number of storms we’ve had over the past few weeks have certainly contributed to her stress and anxiety level.

With the exception of the storm & separation issues, she is a perfect dog.   We think with proper medication, and an owner who know how to deal with separation issues, we will be able to rehab her. She will most likely to better in the Northeast where there are fewer storms and more likely to be predicted.   This sweet girl deserves a chance and we think we can work with her and get her ready to be a great family member.


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