Name: Miller
ID: 3198
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1 yr
Size: 46 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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Foster Updates:

July 19, 5022

This sweet boy is far less nervous than when he arrived.   He is showing his playful personality.  He is very sweet with my female doggie.  I am pretty sure that he never had the opportunity to live inside but is learning house rules, but I am still supervising him.  He responds quickly to corrections.  He had obviously never learned to negotiate stairs but he is going up and down like a champ.    He loves to splash in water, so I have ordered a kiddie pool for him.   He is learning to meet people without that fear that he first exhibited.  He continues to tolerate the crate well. He seems to understand night time is sleep time. He doesn’t fuss and sleeps through the night. I have padding in the crate, and he’s not destructive. During the day he will complain more. He goes in easily for a treat, just lets me know he’s ready to come out when I come home.  He has recovered well from his neuter, so we will begin walks in the neighborhood.   He is doing really well for all of the new changes that have come into his life.   He is going to make someone an extremely nice family member.  Stay tuned.

Intake Report

July 10, 2022

This sweet boy was found as a stray by a young vet tech in a rural area. She had no luck finding his owners and has had him for about 2 weeks. Being an animal advocate, she recognized that he was special. Because she felt that he was such a good calm boy, she didn’t want to subject him to the local pound where he would have had no chance. Our shelters are full and adult dogs stand little chance of adoption.  This boy, although a bit timid at first, loves everyone he meets. He seems to be saying, “please love me.” Although his looks are what we would call a peaches and cream golden, his heart is definitely pure gold. He’s also on the smaller side, which makes him even more adorable along with his beautiful, unique markings.  He will love you forever if you will just give him a chance.   He has such unique markings with the gold and cream strip on his back.  Give this boy a chance to steal your heart.  You won’t be sorry!! He will definitely be a show stopper no matter where he goes! If you are looking for a movie star dog with a genuine heart, Miller is the boy for you!

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