Name: Mandy
ID: 2330
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yr
Size: 60 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Mid August
Sponsors: Linda Smith

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Intake Report 8/3/2019:

This sweet girl came to us from rural Mississippi. Her story is a true rescue that has several volunteers to thank in getting her to us !   The area is very rural and They are overwhelmed with trying to rescue strays.  It took a village to get into action to get her once we were told that they would surrender her as she was not cared for at all.   One of our great MAGRR members sprung into action and drove the hour to get her.   She said her conditions were pretty rough. Dog food was in the dirt.

Based on what the local volunteer told me, this girl has had a tough life. She was was getting out on the road so they chained her to the “shelter” you see in the first picture. She is very skinny. She recently had puppies, but the man said he found some homes and then a stranger came and picked up the others. Breaks my heart to think of the fate they might have but all we can do is pray they went to good homes!

She’s high energy, but the volunteer said she’s very gentle when she jumps to give hugs. She thought she might be blind in one eye, but then said it is just discoloration.  Our transporter stated, “This young lady is a perfect travel companion…quiet, calm, she’ll sit and look out the window or lie down. Darling!”

We are thankful she is now a MAGRR girl and will never experience this life again. Thanks to all for advocating for MAGRR to this lady in the area and our transporter for being available on such short notice. I’m so proud of our MAGRR team and am blessed to be a small part of this sweet baby’s happy ending.


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