Name:  Magic
ID:  2220
Sex:  Neutered Male
DOB:  12/1/2015
Size:  70 lbs
General Health:  Needs Bi-lateral Hip Surgery
Availability:  TBA
Sponsors: Karalyn Malaby
Don Whitten
Lucille Hawley
Lindsay Nagle
Janice Isham
Peter Swart
Frederick Johnson
Pat Bartholomew
Margo Nathan

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Foster Update 5/23/2017
Magic is currently healing and rehabbing from hip replacement.   When he is completely healed and ready to go to his forever family we are sure he will make the best family member possible.

Medical Update 5/10/17:
Our little guy is recovering much better this time.  He is still in the hospital as we don’t want to take any chances that the ball might loosen.  The staff at MVS are doing such a great job with him.  Dr. French, one of the surgery residents, is sitting in his crate with him when the opportunity arises so that he doesn’t get depressed.  Other staff members have begun to do the same.  This boy is getting lots of love and attention while he is healing.  We appreciate all of your good wishes and prayers for him.

Medical Update 5/3/2017:
Our sweet little guy was doing so well from his second surgery until yesterday when Dr. Maxwell noticed something not quite right.  He took some x-rays and discovered that the ball had moved slightly indicating (due to his original bad hips structure) that they needed to correct this.  He will go back into surgery this morning to fix the problem.  This will set back his recovery but our boy is going to be OK.  He has stolen the hearts of all of the staff at MVS and they are taking great care of him.  He is happy and wagging his tail and we know that this is just a set-back.   He is so good and seems to know that they are there to help him get to the life he deserves to have.  He can use your prayers today and any sponsorships will be greatly appreciated.  We are going to do whatever is necessary to get this boy well.

Medical Update 4/25/2017:
This sweet little guy had his second hip replacement this morning.  We just received a call from Dr. Maxwell at the Memphis Veterinary Specialists (MVS) that he is out of surgery and in recovery.  He is doing great.  This hip was not quite as stable as the previous one, so recovery will be just a bit longer.  He will be in the hospital for 10 days to 2 weeks to make sure that healing is going well.  He is such a good boy and an absolute favorite at MVS.  All who meet this sweet guy love him.  We will keep you updated as to his progress but he is on his final countdown to his new pain free life.  We so appreciate all of you who have contributed to his very expensive surgeries.   If you would like to sponsor him, all donations are greatly appreciated.  Just click on his sponsor button.

Medical Update 2/4/2017:
We visited Magic yesterday at Memphis Veterinary Specialists (MVS) where he is recuperating from his 1st hip replacement.  The doctors and staff are very pleased with his progress.  He is walking with help and putting weight on that side.  He has quickly become a favorite of the staff and they just can’t say enough great things about him and what a fabulous boy he is.  Of course we already knew that.  He will go home on 2/6 if all continues to go well.

Surgery Update 1/31/2017:
Magic has come through his surgery and is doing well.  He will be in the hospital for a week.  We will keep you updated.

Medical Update 1/16/17:
After Dr. Madison’s examination, it was determined that this sweet boy needs bi-lateral hip replacements.  We are attempting to get the costs determined and schedule the surgery.  This is the only way that he can have a pain-free life.  Since he is so young we are going to try our best to get him fixed.  He is so worth the cost and effort.  It will require several months of rehabilitation.  Stay turned for more information.

Intake Report 1/14/2017:
This young fellow is an owner surrender from Arkansas.  His owner contacted us because she’s having financial difficulties and says Magic doesn’t have enough room in her small home.  She didn’t feel qualified to find him a new home, so she asked for our help.  The acquired him at age 3 months old.  He has been an indoor dog, and has been living with a seven year old little boy, who he loved very much. When we got him out of the crate I noticed his back legs seemed weak and he was standing funny.  Once in the crate and back on the road, he was a happy quiet passenger on our trip back to Memphis.  When I got him to our clinic it was obvious something is wrong with his hips/back legs. He has no muscles in his rear hips. They are small and squishy like an old dog. He walks and stands with his rear feet very close together and if he walks fast or tries to run, he bunny hops his back legs. I contacted the owner to ask her about this issue.  She was pretty clueless… She said “the vet never said anything about them and that he was her first golden and she thought they were supposed to be that way”.  She said he doesn’t run a lot and she thought they were that way from lack if exercise.  Our go to orthopedic vet, Dr. Madison, xrayed his hips and says there are possibly the worst he has ever seen.  This poor boy has been in terrible pain.  In spite of that, he’s a sweet, happy-go-lucky guy. He loves to be petted and leans into you for loving.  He has a very soft, healthy, thick coat with white spots on his nose, and most of his feet. He has to be helped up into the car/van, but once inside he just laid down and rode quietly. He doesn’t pull on the leash.  We sent him directly to foster where he was put immediately on pain meds and he felt so much better.  She reports that he is the perfect dog.  In spite of his condition he wants to play with her golden and loves her kids.


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