Name: Magic
ID: 2412
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 2 yr
Size: 55 lbs
General Health: HW TX
Availability: Mid March
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My Reports

Foster Updates

May 4, 52022

Hi again, everyone. Remember me? The happiest little black-gold pupper you haven’t met yet? Foster Mom sez I’m a victim of “Black Dog Syndrome” where people just don’t see us sweet guys because we don’t photograph very well and we kind of blend into the shadows. What you CAN always see is my wonderful smile. I was named Black Magic but Foster Dad calls me Magic Johnson because he sez we both have the same most wonderful, sweet smile that lights up the room and makes people happy. Foster Mom sez for all the people looking for a Golden, I has all the Golden attributes of exuberant, cuddly, affectionate, love everyone, with beautiful butt and tail feathers, and WEBBED FEET! Yep, I’m a Golden, just a different color. I seem to be mixed with flat coat retriever and I’m a smallish guy, maybe about 2 years old, great with kids, eager to please, playful, and well behaved. Let’s have a meet up!
PS: I give hugs and kisses on request and love ‘em.

March 28, 2022

Pssst, hey, you. Yeah, YOU! Do you like a smiling dog? Well of course you do, who doesn’t? That makes me totally your guy!  I haven’t quit smiling or wagging since I was sprung from 3 lousy weeks in puppy jail. Even with being sick with kennel cough and being treated for heart worm, I have been happy and smiling. Foster Mom says she’s never seen a dog who was so obviously grateful for being rescued. I am so full of love, it overflows for everybody! Anyone coming over to visit…I LOVE YOU! Foster sister…I LOVE YOU! Kids…I LOVE YOU! Cats? Well, possibly, since I love everyone. I love giving and getting kisses, snuggles, hugs, nylabones, fetching balls, eating carrots, and I really love climbing up into Dad’s lap and sleeping there for an hour or two. I’m a young guy so I’ve got some energy but I’ve had to be kept calm just while I’m being treated for heart worm. I really can’t wait to do zoomies in the yard again. I’ve been walking pretty well on the leash and I’m good going into my little house at bedtime. Someone taught me to sit really well and quickly but staying is kind of hard because I want to jump up and tell you just how much I love you. We’re working on that. I’m housebroken and when I want to go out, I ring the bell that’s hanging on the doorknob. I’m really smart and curious about everything, especially things on the counter, but I’ve never actually taken anything from there and I don’t get in the garbage, either. Sometimes things ‘might’ disappear from the end table, though, and I’m the one who gets blamed. I just roll over on my back and smile real innocent-like and it makes Mom start laughing. I understand when I’m told “no” and will stop whatever but I may need reminding. I’ve shown how brave I am by barking at car doors slamming and dogs walking by but I stop when I’m told. One night I was sound asleep but woke up to see someone walking up behind Mom, who was lying on the couch. I flew through the air, barking, and landed *OOF* on Mom’s tummy so I could protect her. Boy, was I embarrassed when I saw it was Dad, but he told me what a good boy I was for watching out for Mom. No teeth were involved in the enacting of this story.
I’m a beautiful small guy with the most thickest, floofiest, softest fur you’ve ever seen. And did I mention my smile?! I should be ready to meet up around the late middle of April and I’m looking forward to it. See ya’ then!

Intake Report

February 16, 2022

Welcome black Magic. On of our foster moms accompanied Intake member to a local shelter to pick up this sweet boy. She graciously named him. Magic was discovered by another member when she visited the shelter last weekend. The shelter folks did several videos of Magic with other dogs that we saw before making our decision to bring him into MAGRR. He is a young Flat Coat, black Golden.  He let us look at his teeth and “manhandle” him a bit to lift into the crate. He was quite cooperative and rode quietly. He didn’t really pull on the leash, although it’s evident he has no leash skills.  He appears to be calm and gentle soul who was so happy to be sprung free of the shelter.  He is beautiful and that was definitely  magical day for him.

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