Name: Maggie
ID: 4017
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 13 yr
Size: 37 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently

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Intake Report 02/14/2019:
This sweet old gal is the victim of her irresponsible owners.  It seems she and two other dogs were the only ones who didn’t get arrested and hauled off to jail.  So when that happened, the Sheriff’s Department confiscated the three dogs and took them the local shelter.  I guess you could call that Doggie Jail…by no fault of their own.  We were immediately notified by the shelter and went over to meet Maggie.  The shelter staff kept her in the office of one of the Animal Control Officers.  She was a perfect office companion, sleeping most of the time. 

She has some hearing loss, what looks to be a terrible ear infection, and some vision loss with cloudy eyes.  She is heart worm NEGATIVE!  So at some point she has been cared for.  She seems to be house broken and her coat is soft and relatively clean.  She has some matting and a couple of lumps/bumps, but overall is in pretty good shape for her age.

She’s got a “salt and pepper” colored Golden coat and it’s curly.  She has a sweet demeanor and seems very happy to just be where ever she is.  

She rode quietly to the clinic.  She’s not as decrepit as she acts because she made her way from the back of my van to my driver’s seat.  She just needs a soft place to land.  She is just happy to be loved and cared-for.


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