Name: Lucy
ID: 2320
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 3 yr.
Size: 55 lbs.
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
Must have fenced yard
Sponsors: Julie Korostoff
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My Reports

Update 6/23/2020

Lucy will be going to an intensive training program in Mid July to help her to accept dogs that she does not need.  We are so happy that we have found this place for her to learn to trust.  She should be ready for her forever home the first part of August.

Foster Update 5/13/20

Lucy is doing very well. She plays with Levi (my golden) in the yard. She chases a ball when I throw it. She also plays tug-of-war with that same ball with Levi. It is so funny. She truly is a sweet girl.

Foster Update 6/1/2019

Lucy is doing so well and is learning to meet dogs nicely.  She had been picky about dogs that she liked and some she didn’t.  She has come so far and we are hoping that she will be ready for her new home soon.

Foster Update 10/8/2018

Lucy and Levi (foster brother) get along great! They play and wrestle all the time. They have not had 1 scuffle. She is very vocal when she plays. She loves to cuddle on the couch.  She is crated when I go to work which she doesn’t like but once she knows she must, she goes right in. She is such a good girl. She doesn’t play with toys but she will chew on bones. She’s great on a leash and did well at the groomers. I put her in a strong sit-stay for every meal. She does very well with that. She follows me everywhere I go almost as if I have to be in her sight 24/7. I do not have to put her in a crate at night when I go to bed. She sleeps either on the floor or on the dog bed right next to Levi. She will make someone very happy as long as they are home most of the time.  She definitely needs a canine friend.

Foster Update 8/27/2018

Lucy traveled to Maine and through no fault of her own, that home did not work out.  Lucy is now being fostered in Maine and will be available only in New England.  We have discovered that Lucy definitely needs another doggie friend.  She loves to play and is looking for a family to love her.  She loves having a canine companion and will make some family very happy.  She can take a dislike to some other dogs, so proper introduction is a MUST.   She is a happy go lucky girl who needs to feel that she is secure.  She has suffered so much loss in her short life.

Foster Update 7/5/2018

Lucy has been in our home since 6/30. There was no difficulty when introducing her to my pack of 4 ranging in age from 2-15 yrs. She challenged my 2 females for alpha, but was quickly put in her place by one growl. She definitely prefers my male dogs over the females. All 3 females now completely ignore one another. She does play with my younger male dog and it is fairly rough play, but always in fun. She was an only dog and absolutely loves people. She doesn’t play with toys and isn’t treat driven either. In fact I have yet to find a treat that she actually likes. After looking at her belly from her spay shave, it is fairly evident that she has had puppies. Who knows how many litters considering her age. She is completely house trained. She taught herself to use my doggy door just by watching the others. She would do well as an only dog or with another fairly young male. She also loves my older 13 yr. old male. If I’m looking for her, she can usually be found snoozing closely next to him. She is a very easy, quiet dog!

Intake Report 6/27/2018

We are so glad that we could go get lovely Lucy! Poor Lucy lost her owner to recent death and none of the relatives would step up to take her. She had been a house dog until that time. One of the neighbors stepped up and fed her for a while and Lucy enjoyed playing with her 2 smaller dogs, but she didn’t want it to be a permanent situation. She told the son this, who was cleaning out his Mom’s house. So, he threw her in the back of his pickup and drove her to the shelter.  She has a beautiful, shiny coat and it’s even more striking because of the white. She has a white cross on her chest and all 4 feet are white with black freckles. She has a golden smart knot and she has the retriever wiggle walk. She’s as sweet as she can be. She did not pull on the leash. She has a soft mouth. She knows how to sit and give you either paw depending on which side you place your hand.  This sweet girl is a true jewel.

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