Name: Lucky
ID: 3150
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 8 yrs
Size: 106 lbs ( Definitely need to lose)
General Health: Good except for obesity
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report 1/6/2020

Lucky wasn’t so lucky when his owner passed away and the wife went into a nursing home.  None of the family would take him and so he ended up at a rural but very good humane society.  They contacted MAGRR and of course we were happy to help this sweet ole man. We know that he lived with other dogs, has been with this family since he was a puppy, and is housebroken and been an indoor dog. At 106 pounds, he is clearly overweight and needs the green bean plan.  We will will working to get his weigh off and that will make him much more comfortable.
One of our long term members and a friend went and picked him up and took him to our clinic.  Other than having a tooth extracted he is is really good shape.  Jennifer (our member who went to get him) reports that he’s never met a stranger, was great with the little boy who went with her to pick him up. Met two different dogs in both animal clinics a small Daschund and an unruly pit bull and was non-reactive to either of them. She also expected him to need help getting in her vehicle but said he jumped right in all by himself.  Watch this boy blossom as he gets rid of those extra pounds.

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